The Best 22 Handguns 22LR Rifles Reviews

The Best 22 Handguns 22LR Rifles

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Who Makes The Best 22-LR Guns?

  Welcome to the best 22-LR guns site. This information can help you make a wise buying decision in the future. Now the real truth is the best 22-LR guns are the ones that fit your need and price point. Any handgun or rifle can be made to work with some fiddling.
 The best 22-LR guns rules are simple. Quality, Reliability, and Accuracy. Price limit set at $500. The prices shown should be the best haggle deals from a firearms dealer.

  • The 7 Best 22 Pistols: Reviews
  • 1. Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX $330-$360. Browning has many Buck Mark models; some priced over $450. We chose the Buck Mark Camper as it is one of the most popular. The weight and feel is that of an 1911-A1 45 pistol, so it makes a good trainer. It is twice as accurate as the 45 too. Your kid will embarass you at the range! I would spend an extra $35 and get the stainless version.
    Browning Website Buck Mark UFX Video

    1. Ditto for the Ruger 22/45 Target ($290-$320), as it is close to the same handgun. You would think they both came out of the same factory. Some say the Browning finish is better. I think this is bull, as the 22/45 is very nice. What is cool is some 22/45 models can take 1911 grips with a little fitting. Just like the above Browning, the Ruger 22/45 Target will shoot low cost bulk-pack ammunition all day long. At most dealers, you will find the Ruger 22/45 about $40 cheaper than the Browning Buck Mark.
    Ruger 22/45 Page Ruger 22/45 Review

    Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX
    Buck Mark Camper
    Ruger 22/45 Target 22LR Pistol
    Ruger 22/45 Target
    2. Smith & Wesson M&P22 $340-$370. What a nice shooter! Great trainer companion for your full size M&P pistol. What I like the most is; the M&P22 is reliable with bulk pack ammunition. When I took the handgun home, I stopped by Walmart and purchased a 525 round box of CCI Blazer. It ran perfect! 12 round magazine! There is also a compact version about the same size and weight as the Ruger SR22. The S&W M&P22 rocks!
    M&P22 Page S&W M&P22 Review Video
    Smith & Wesson M&P22 handgun
    S&W M&P22
    3. Walther PPQ M2 22 $340-$370. Just like Smith and Wesson, Walther made the perfect training pistol for those with an 9mm or 40 caliber duty size pistol. It it a good one too! The new PPQ M2 22-LR eats everything. At the range, I ran over 600 rounds of Remington Golden without a single jam. This was 600 rounds without cleaning the PPQ either. Next time I will bring a kid to load magazines. Speaking of magazines, the Walther PPQ mags hold 12 rounds. This 22 gun is nothing like the smaller Walther P22.
    Walther Arms Walther PPQ M2 (Tactical) Video

    Walther PPQ
    4. Rock Island Armory XT-22 1911 (Armscor) $440-$470. Well folks, this is the best 22 rimfire 1911 pistol on the market. No zink pot metal in this gun! Rock Island Armory took their awesome Tactical 45 and made it into a darn good 22. Want $16 magazines? The 10 round and 14 round mags for the Kimber 22 work perfect. The XT-22 will feed bulk pack ammo just fine once you get the recoil spring broke-in. More reliable than any 45 to 22 conversion kit.
    Armscor Website RIA XT-22 Promo Video

    RIA 1911
    5. Ruger SR22 $310-$340. The Ruger SR22 made this list for one main reason. It never jams! If you hate 22 pistols because of feeding problems, this is the handgun for you. The SR22 eats everything, including the cheaper Winchester and Remington bulk pack stuff. You can swap out grips for hand fitment. If your little woman is recoil shy, the SR22 could be the perfect carry weapon. Top choice for a bug-out bag too.
    Ruger SR22 Page SR22 Review Video

    Ruger SR22
    6. Bersa Thunder 22 $270-$300. I have owned a Bersa Thunder 22 for 12 years now (wife's gun). When it was new, only the hot ammunition was 100% reliable. It would eat CCI Stingers all day long. Now that this Bersa Thunder is well used, it feeds the cheaper Remington Golden and CCI Blazer bullets with no problems. Quality wise, the Bersa is one of the better made 22 pistols. My guess is the new Walther PPK 22 is just as good.
    Bersa Firearms Bersa Thunder 22 Review Video

    Bersa Thunder
    Honorable mention goes to the Beretta Neos. Browning 1911-22, Colt 1911. ISSC Austria M2., Sig Sauer Mosquito. Sig 1911. Late model Walther P22. S&W 22A-1 (review at bottom of page). Give them some love and all can be made to work well.

  • The 6 Best 22LR Semi-Auto Rifles: Reviews
  • Ruger 10/22 Target 22 Semi-auto rifle
    1. Ruger 10/22 Target $400-$430. The standard Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular 22 guns in America. The 10/22 has a reputation for excellent reliability. To turn the standard 10/22 autoloading rifle into a tack driver, you will need a heavy barrel and aftermarket trigger. With the Ruger 10/22 Target, Ruger already did the work to make it a tack driver. They did it much cheaper than you could yourself. Now with the ultra reliable action and foolproof magazine, you have the best 22 autoloader on the market. As a bonus, you get a very pretty laminated stock. Buy a quality scope to finish the package.
    10/22 Target Page Ruger 10/22 Target Video
    Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 22LR semiauto
    2. Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 $420-$450. The only way to get a better 22 AR-15 rifle, is to buy a real one like the $800 CMMG. The 22 conversion kits for the AR platform can be very buggy. This Smith has no bugs. The Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 has taken the rimfire shooting world by storm. Out to 40 yards, the S&W M&P15-22 is more accurate than some 223 caliber M4 rifles. The M&P15-22 does not feel like a airsoft toy like some other 22 AR style rifles on the market. The 25 round magazine is another plus. This is not your Grandpa's hunting 22!
    Smith & Wesson Website M&P15-22 Shooting & Review Video Buy M&P15-22
    3. Rock Island Armory (Armscor ) MIG $390-$420. The RIA MIG is a tack driver. It might be even be more accurate than the S&W above. No zink in this gun! The Rock Island MIG 22 is made from premium billet aluminum alloy and steel. Now with the heavy target barrel, you have a very solid built semi-auto rifle. The MIG may look like an AR-15 rifle, but it is not. It is a full blown target rifle and will need a scope. With the 2 pound trigger, ground hogs don't stand a chance! Extra magazines can be purchased at Advanced Tactical.
    RIA MIG Page Armscor MIG Commercial
    4. Colt M4 OPS $370-$400. The Colt M4 Ops is made by Walther. What? I know this sounds goofy, but it is a licensing deal. Don't expect the quality of a Colt AR-15 rifle. The Walther quality is pretty good though. There is not as much plastic in the Colt M4 Ops as most other 22 AR type rifles. In fact the Colt receiver is metal! This 22LR rifle weighs about 6 pounds. This is a friend's rifle, so I only shot about 50 rounds through it. Great first impression! Check out the HK 416 22 too, as it is also made by Walther.
    Colt M4 Page Colt M4 Review Video
    5. Remington 597 HB (Heavy Barrel) $220-$250. The Remington 597 HB is the bargain of the category. Ultra stiff and accurate 16.5 inch heavy barrel. You get a choice of dull green or camo polymer stock. At under 6 pounds, the 597 HB is easy to carry all day. I love the double-stack mags. The 597 HB feeds bulk CCI Blazer ammo great. We list it here because at this low price, it is easy to make the Remington 597 HB into a great shooter. You can get the trigger pull down to 3.5 pounds by switching out the trigger spring. Not enough? You can lower the pull to 2.3 pounds with an aftermarket hammer, used with the new trigger spring.
    Remington Firearms 597 HB Review Video
    6. Beretta ARX160 $340-$370. The Beretta ARX160 22 is a replica of the 5.56 NATO ARX160 rifle serving the Italian Military. The ARX160 comes with a 20 round magazine, but 30 rounders are available. The picture of the gun is deceptive, as it comes with an 18 inch barrel. The ARX160 is the real thing and does not feel like a cheapo toy. Full length top rail makes it easy to mount optics. With the bottom and side rails you can mount a light, bipod, and laser. The ARX160 looks wicked and is fun to shoot.
    Beretta USA ARX160 Video From Beretta
    Sig Sauer 522 PRICE WATCH!. The Sig 522 would have ranked right up there with the S&W M&P15-22. The dealer haggle price was over $500, so it did not meet the 22Pro website rules. Special sales promotions and listing on the gun classifieds have recently been under $500. Shop around!
    Sig Sauer 522

    Honorable Mention: HK 416 made by Walther. Bushmaster C22, Marlin model 60 and 795. Mossberg 702 Plinkster and 715. GSG 522. CZ 512. Chiappa M422, Citadel M1-22. ISSC MK22. Savage 64 (review at bottom of page).

    Powerful as 22LR! 1250fps Pellet Rifle. Starting at $120

    Talk about cheap ammo. Pellets are about $12 per 1000. Wow!
  • The 5 Best 22 Bolt Action Rifles: Reviews
  • CZ 455 American 22 bolt action rifle
    1. CZ 455 American $370-$400. Remember the premium rifle maker Brno? CZ now owns Brno. The accuracy and quality of the CZ 455 will far exceed any 22LR bolt action rifle on the market. Only the $700 Ruger Model 77 and $850 Anschutz can compare! The CZ 455 American is ready for your scope. If you want a rifle with great sights, choose the CZ 455 Training rifle. Both have adjustable triggers. It is easy to swap barrels out for 22Mag and 17 caliber too. The medium weight barrel makes the CZ 455 easy to carry durig hunting excursions. The heavy barrel varmint version is only $50 more. The older model CZ 452 is a good rifle too.
    CZ USA Website CZ 452 & 455 Video
    Savage MKII BV 22LR bolt action
    2. Savage MKII BV $290-$320. The Savage MKII BV is a lot of rifle for the price. Fully adjustable AccuTrigger, and heavy varmint barrel. Beautiful laminated wood stock. Savage has a reputation for making accurate barrels, and the MKII BV shows it. At 6.5 pounds, lugging it around in the field is not a problem. I don't think a custom builder could make the MII BV any better. The cheap price basic Savage MKII ($190-$230) is very accurate, and comes close to the BV performance. Add a good scope, and you are all set. I have an Alpen 3-9x40 on mine. Note: There is a MKII FVXP package with synthetic stock plus 3x9 scope, that sells for $260-$280. Less than the BV model!
    Savage MII BV Page Shooting Savage MK II BV
    Zastava MP22 Precision
    3. Zastava MP22 Precision $290-$320. I could be ranking the Zastava MP22 too low. This rifle was imported for several years as the awesome Remington Model 5. The MP22 Precision is a full size quality made 22 rifle with machined steel action, 22 inch barrel, and walnut stock. No plastic on this gun! Some compare the worksmanship to the Anschutz. I owned the Remington branded version, and it was a mighty fine gun. The Zastava MP22 Precision is a bargain for sure. Zastava has been making firearms for over 100 years!
    Zastava Arms Zastava MP22 Review Video
    4. Ruger American $260-$290. Ruger hit a home run with their American bolt action 22 rifle. First they took what was good from the 10/22 autolader. The magazine! No doubt the Ruger 10/22 magazine is the best feeding and trouble free. Next is the crisp adjustable trigger giving you a range of 3 to 5 pounds. They designed a slick action with a stiff sporter weight barrel. You have sights and integral scope mounting grooves. Of all the low cost 22 rifles on the market, the American is one of the best.
    Ruger Site Ruger American Review Video
    5. Marlin XT-22 Tube Feed, Stainless $250-$280. The Marlin XT-22 with the 17 round tubular magazine is one of the most trouble free 22-lr bolt action rifles out there. With the Micro-Groove 22 inch barrel and awesome Pro-Fire trigger, the XT-22 is very accurate too. The Marlin XT-22 had no trouble feeding bulk pack Federal ammo. The bad: The blue finish will rust through if neglected, and the rear sight is crap. Add an aftermarket rear sight or use a scope. Buy the stainless version of the XT-22. Problems solved.
    Marlin Firearms Marlin XT-22 Shooting Video (not stainless)

    Honorable Mention: Rock Island Armscor M1400 (looks like a good one!). Mossberg 802 Plinkster. The Browning T-Bolt and Ruger Model 77 are great shooters, but too expensive for our list.

    Gander Mountain
  • The Best 22 LR Revolver:
  • 1. Ruger Single Six Convertable $430-$460. The convertable deal includes both 22 Long Rifle and 22 Magnum cylinders. The stainless version shown is about $50 more. The Ruger Single Six has been around for a long time. The Single Six is single action. This means the trigger is really sweet once broke-in. A huge advantage the Single Six has over the Colt 1973 copies are the great sights. Ditto for the scaled down Ruger Bearcat. The Bearcat is great for the younger shooter. The Ruger revolvers are so well made, there is no second place.
    Ruger Website Single Six 22 Video

    Honorable mention goes to the German made EAA Bounty Hunter ($280-$310), that is a full size replica of the Colt 1873 Peacemaker. The Uberti 1873 Cattleman ($360-$390) is a fun and reliable shooter too. It is all about fun, right?

    EAA Bounty Hunter 22LR revolver
    EAA Bounty Hunter

    Uberti Cattleman

    Ruger Single Six
    Most Double Action 22 revolvers suck! To fire the rimfire cartridge, the hammer spring is very heavy. The DA trigger pull is just not pratical. The best DA revolvers on the market are the Ruger Sp101 and S&W 617. Both are too expensive for our list. The Taurus 94 has the most heavy trigger of them all.
  • The Best 22LR Lever Rifle:
  • Henry Golden Boy 22-lr lever action rifle
    1. Henry Golden Boy $420-$450. Made in USA! You must try the Henry Golden Boy, and feel just how slick the action is. Not only is the action smooth as glass, but this 22 gun is a tack driver! It holds 16 22LR rounds in the tube magazine too. Easy to mount a scope. The whole rifle shines quality. The cheaper Henry Classic ($290-$320) with black receiver is just as smooth and accurate. The Classic is not as pretty or well finished.
    Henry Rifles Site Henry Golden Boy Review Video Henry Classic (black) Video

    Honorable mention goes to the Mossberg 464 ($360-$390) and Uberti Silverboy ($470-$500). I hear both are mighty fine rifles and worth checking out. I could not rank the Mossberg or Uberti 22 lever action guns because I have no experience with them. The Marlin 39A and Browning BL-22 are great shooters too, but too expensive for out list.

    Mossberg 464
    Mossberg 464
    Uberti Silverboy
    Uberti Silverboy

    Deadly Force Understanding Your Right to Self Defense
  • The Best 22 LR Survival Gun:
  • Marlin 70PSS Papoose 22lr survival gun
    1. Marlin 70PSS Papoose $280-$310. Picking the best survival rifle was difficult. I was thinking; light weight, compact storage, and good shooter. A real survival gun should really be an "under the seat" truck gun. I chose the Marlin 70PSS because it uses the same proven action as the Marlin 60 and 795. The cheap price is a bonus. The fact that the 70PSS is about as accurate as the Marlin 60 is a double bonus!
    Marlin Firearms Site Marlin 70PSS Papoose Video

    The folding Kel-Tec SU-22 and Ruger 10/22 Takedown gets the honorable mention. Both are great guns and so fun to shoot! Also check out the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle that has been used by U.S. Air Force pilots.

    Kel-Tec SU-22

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown

      Some Cheap And Reliable 22 Guns On The Market:
    Phoenix Arms HP22-A Pistol $130-$160. Say what you want about this cheap 22 handgun. If it fails or wears out, Phoneix Arms will repair or replace it FREE. Even Glock and Sig won't do that! There are reports of HP22 pistols with more than 5,000 rounds on them. Remington Golden bullets feed perfect. Get the black finish, as the nickle can flake off. See YouTube for the magazine-frame safety modification trick. For another $45, you can get the range kit with an 5 inch barrel and goodies.
    Phoenix Arms Phoenix Arms HP22 Review Video
    Phoenix Arms HP22 handgun
    Phoenix HP22-A
    Smith & Wesson 22A-1 Pistol $240-$270. Good trigger and long line of sight. The weight is there for a steady shot too. You will forget how goofy this pistol looks after you shoot it. The 22A feeds most all long rifle ammo just fine. Winchester Wildcat was the only problem ammunition. CCI Minimags showed the best accuracy. Do not dry fire or the firing pin could break!
    S&W 22A Page Shooting S&W 22A Video

    S&W 22A-1
    Heritage Rough Rider Revolver $140-$170. Spend an extra $45 and get the convertable package with the extra cylinder for 22 Magnum. The fit and finish is not that of a Ruger revolver, but look at the cheap price! The action is very smooth. The Heritage Rough rider shoots just as good as the best Italian made revolvers. It is fun going to the factory website and checking out all the pretty grips you can buy.
    Heritage Mfg. Site Shooting Heritage Rough Rider
    Heritage Rough Rider Revolver
    heritage Revolver
    Mossberg 715P Pistol $210-$240. Where the Mossberg 715 AR15 style rifle feels like a toy airsoft gun, the 715P pistol is rock solid. I mean, this is a really good gun! The 715P is too big for a carry pistol, and not accurate enough to hunt with. However with the 25 round magazine , it is an awesome back yard beer can killer. The Mossberg 715P sure does draw a lot of attention at the shooting range. The most common question asked: "is that thing legal?"
    Mossberg Firearms Mossberg 715P Video

    715P Pistol
    Cobra 22 Derringer Pistol $140-$170. The Cobra Derringer 22 with two shot capacity is not really an ideal defense weapon. The Cobra Derringer 22 will work for defense if loaded with Winchester 42 Max or Remington Viper. It may not be a zombie killer, but should make them run. This is a good gun to show your buddies when you go shooting. Most people have no experience with derringers, so they have that cool factor. Cobra Derringers are simple and very well made.
    Cobra Firearms Shooting Cobra Derringer
    Cobra Derringer
    Cobra Derringer
    Cricket 22 Bolt Action Rifle $110-$140 . Say what you want about the cheap price, but the Cricket single shot 22-LR bolt action rifle is as reliable as a claw hammer. It is a great rifle to get kids started in shooting. Are they accurate? Cricket rifles have even been used in youth target competitions for years. Both adult and youth sizes available. There are about 12 different color stock available. The next step up is the Savage Rascal selling for around $150-$170. The Mossberg 802 bolt action repeater is a bargain too $160-$180.
    Cricket Website Cricket Video
    Savage Model 64 Autoloader
    Savage Model 64 Autoloader $140-$170 . One thing about Savage, is their accuracy reputation. The Savage Model 64 is one of the most accurate market entry low cost 22 rifles. The Model 64 has a steel receiver! If you ever have feeding problems, replace the magazine. Mags are the about the only thing that wears out. Savage also has a 64 model with a heavy barrel. No chance to try one yet. The only guns that compare are the Marlin Model 795 and Mossberg 702. Both cost more.
    Savage Arms Site Model 64 Review Video

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